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Good News for Norwood Green

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What Does Eco-Church Mean?

St Mary’s, Norwood Green

Aiming to be an Eco-Church

Turning our church “green”

Making Norwood Green “greener"

As we seek to love God, His Creation –and everything in it.

“The earth is the Lord’s- and everything in it”: Psalm 24

The vision of churches –individually and collectively- to steward the earth, the community and our resources more ethically, responsibly and justly and, wherever possible, by reducing longer-lasting damage and harm to our planet.

This vision affirms that:

* God created the world and everything in it;

* We are entrusted His good gifts to enjoy, preserve and share responsibly for every generation;

*God created all equally and we are called to share justly and for the good of everyone;

*The church should lead by example in creation care as a sign that God is active, living and the loving Provider in His world;

* The earth is to be a full taste of His glory.