What Christians believe

In Norwood Green and Southall many different religions are present. So what do Christians believe and how is Christianity different from other religions?

First we believe God exists. Human beings have made some amazing discoveries about the universe and how things work. What we have learned is how vast and wonderful the universe is. The universe points towards a creator. Our own uniqueness as individual people and our innate sense of right and wrong suggest a moral creator.

St. Augustine said “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.”

This is a beautiful summary and captures that sense of human dissatisfaction until we meet God.

Of course, all religions believe God exists but what sets Christianity apart is that Christians believe that there is one God who we encounter in three different ways, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God the Father
Christians believe that we encounter God as Father. The Father brought the universe into being, an expression of his love. He has given us life. Christians believe that the God who created us is not an impersonal force but personal, a loving Father.

God the Son
It's a bold claim that God is personal. Christians believe this because it is what Jesus taught us and because he came in person. Because God is so 'other' so different from us he came to us in the person of Jesus of Nazareth to show us what God's character is like to demonstrate what love looks like - God style. To demonstrate compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

Christians believe that Jesus also came that we might be reconciled with God. We have all done things wrong by God's standards. When Jesus died on the cross he took all the guilt that was ours. As a result we are freed from shame and can be at peace with God.

Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead which is our hope too for new life.

God the Holy Spirit
After he had been raised and ascended to heaven Christians believe that God poured out his Spirit which is his continued presence with us. The Holy Spirit helps us to pray, gives us peace in times of trouble and enables us to follow him more closely.

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