Welcome to St. Mary's!      

We are a mix of ages and cultures united by our love for Jesus, each other, our local community and God’s creation.

With many now double vaccinated, we've moved to hybrid Church, with our main 10am Sunday service both onsite and online. How will this work?

We encourage you to attend Church in person if you feel able. For those who cannot join physically, we seek to involve fully those joining online. To join the service via Zoom, please email Rev Anne Bookless.

If you're coming to Church, please note the following:

  • Communion will be shared in a Covid-safe way (with a wafer dipped in wine)
  • Children are welcome, as always! We have a dedicated area where children can sit and read or colour during services, should they wish.  Our Sunday School is held once a fortnight
  • On the first Sunday of each month our service is All-age, but children are welcome every Sunday

We really look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday, both onsite and online.

What is the worship like?

St. Mary's is part of the Church of England.   Our worship is a mix of traditional and more modern.

Everyone is welcome at St Mary's.