Living a Green Life with           St Mary's Church

“All things come from you O God and of your own do we give You"1 Chronicles 29.14     

                                                                                                                                                    Eco Church                                   

Live Simply

Live Green                                                    Live with right intention towards God’s world through: 

  • Green Homes and garden spaces
  • Eco Households
  • Eating Green
  • Slow fashion
  • Natural Beauty
  • Back to basics at Christmas    

March-May Weekly Eco-Tips (St Mary’s/ Norwood Green)

February 27th/ March 6th

Try to purchase products (such as tea, coffee, bananas and sugar) which are registered with the Fairtrade Foundation or Rainforest Alliance.


February 21st- March 6th marks Fairtrade Fortnight.


March 13th

·     Try to find out about, support or start up a local clean-up project which works on improving land or waterways in your area.

      (For example, in Norwood Green, you may feel led to support A Rocha, Southall Rewilding, National Trust or British Waterways)


March 20th

Try to switch an item from your kitchen or for cleaning/laundry to a product which does not contain harmful chemicals.


March 27th

Try to switch an item from your bathroom to a product which does not contain harmful chemicals.


April 3rd

Try to give or raise money for a charity providing clean water and sanitation in areas of need, such as Water Aid.


April 10th

Try to grow your own produces or forage (for example, by picking herbs on a walk) wherever possible.

(Today marks Holy Week, as we look to the hope of the risen Lord Jesus)


April 17th

Try to plant a tree or shrub for the spring season –or ask the Woodland Trust to plant one for you.

        ·       (As today is Easter Sunday, you might see this as a symbol of new life)


April 24th

Try to include local seasonal produce in your shopping to support biodiversity and reduce carbon emissions.


May 1st

Try to reduce your paper use this week and use paper which is 100% recycled or supporting sustainable forests.


May 8th

Try to recycle unused/ not needed paper in your kitchen and living room this week (eg spare leaflets, adverts).

May 15th

Try to support financially an organisation, such as Christian Aid or Tearfund in relieving communities affected by, for example, climate breakdown.

       ·       This week marks Christian Aid Week 2022.


May 22nd

Try to reduce your use of single-use plastic at home and on the move.


May 29th

Try to, where possible, recycle soft plastics at local supermarket collection points.


Click here for a list of steps for reviewing and living a more sustainable life

For further information or if you have any questions about our green living, please click here to email David.

As an individual, in your homes, your workplaces and in your neighbourhood, you might also like to:                                  

Sign up for the Church of England Environment Programme newsletter:

Look on - can we complete the Top 10 pledges?

To find out more on how to care for God’s creation by visiting - 

Lobby your MP and local councillor

Cut your carbon footprint by switching to “green energy “suppliers

Encourage a school near you to become an Eco School if it isn’t already.