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Living a Green Life with           St Mary's Church

“All things come from you O God and of your own do we give You"1 Chronicles 29.14     

                                                                                                                                                    Eco Church                                   

Live Simply

Live Green                                                    Live with right intention towards God’s world through: 

  • Green Homes and garden spaces
  • Eco Households
  • Eating Green
  • Slow fashion
  • Natural Beauty
  • Back to basics at Christmas    

Week 16

Try to give or raise money for a charity providing clean water and sanitation in areas of need, such as Water Aid.                                     

Click here for a list of steps for reviewing and living a more sustainable life

For further information or if you have any questions about our green living, please click here to email David.

As an individual, in your homes, your workplaces and in your neighbourhood, you might also like to:                                  

Sign up for the Church of England Environment Programme newsletter:

Look on - can we complete the Top 10 pledges?

To find out more on how to care for God’s creation by visiting - 

Lobby your MP and local councillor

Cut your carbon footprint by switching to “green energy “suppliers

Encourage a school near you to become an Eco School if it isn’t already.

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