St Marys Church

Good News for Norwood Green

  • Tentelow Lane
  • Norwood Green
  • Southall
  • UB2 4LQ

Our Action Plan

What are our next steps?

  • Over the next few months (and allowing for the constraints the national  pandemic brings organisations), we look forward to:
  • Continuing regular opportunities for litter collections / recycling around the parish;
  • Maintaining and developing our churchyard (without the use of pesticides) to include areas which attract wildlife and provide spaces for recreation;
  • Promoting opportunities for outdoor worship alongside the use of our church building;
  • Enhancing the opportunities for recycling/reusing through collection points and bins in our church building (and to link with our St Mary’s school on this too). 
  • Measuring our carbon footprint / water use in the church building, exploring ways to reduce in response.

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