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Good News for Norwood Green

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2022 Online Sermons

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16th January 2022 ~  Jesus’ First Sign from Liz Wolverson


When the wine ran out at a wedding in Cana, it was Jesus’ mother who urged him to intervene.  She knew her son so well, and knew somehow that this was the time for him to publicly show who he was.  In John’s Gospel, this was the first of what are often thought of as seven signs of who Jesus was and is, and Liz takes us through the significance of each.  

9th January 2022 ~ Baptism from Dave Bookless


9th January 2022.  The start of a new year is a good time to revisit our Baptism promises and look at what it means to us.  Dave, helped by children, looks at how party games including Pass the Parcel and Simon Says give us clues about what Baptism really means!


2nd January 2022 ~ God leads us to look and be full of grace from Liz Wolverson

God leads us to look and be full of grace if we allow him to speak to our inner being. We should learn to dance with God and then be confident about inviting others to join the dance in this new year.