2022 Online Sermons

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24th July 2022 ~ Arguing With God ~ By Dave Bookless

17th July 2022 ~ Sarah, Mary & Martha By Anne Bookless

Three women being hospitable: Sarah in Genesis 18, when 3 unexpected guests arrive, and sisters Mary and Martha when Jesus turns up. What can we learn about being hospitable, and about what's most important.

10th July 2022 ~ Southall Group vision By Dave Bookless

A summary of the sermon series looking at the Southall Group vision, with a call to pray based on Colossians 1:1-14.

12th June 2022 ~ Growing Closer By Anna Polson

A challenging sermon on becoming more intercultural as a Church. Highly recommended!

8th May 2022 ~ Growing in Impact By Mark Polson

Continuing the Southall Group series, Mark Poulson explores Jesus' words in Luke 4 when, quoting from Isaiah 61, he explains his mission to bring freedom, healing and deliverance. What does this vision of 'the year of the Lord's favour' look like in our local community in Southall?

1st May 2022 ~ 1st May - Growing in Change / Zacchaeus - Dave Bookless

The second in the Southall Group series, as Dave Bookless looks at 'Transforming People - Growing in Change', using the story of Zacchaeus.

24th April 2022 ~ Growing in unity by Michael Bolley

Introducing a new sermon series for the Southall Group of churches.

Michael Bolley speaks on 'Together with Christ - Growing in Unity', giving examples of how the Southall churches work together to serve their communities.

17th April 2022 ~ The Easter wordle by Dave Bookless

The Wordle craze comes to church, as we look at the story of Jesus' last week through guessing a series of 5-letter words. Gradually we get the letters to bring us the message that Jesus' resurrection means!! And then there's more about EGGs as well ... taste and see!!

10th April ~ Palm Sunday by Anne Bookless

Many of those in the crowd on Palm Sunday would have simply been bystanders caught up in the occasion. But they were left with a question, 'Who is this man?' Who is Jesus? He demonstrated his power over the natural world in riding an untamed colt of a donkey, his authority in commanding his disciples to fetch it, his qualities as a lowly leader in choosing a donkey rather than a warhorse, and his majesty as the crowd recognised him as the Messiah-King promised by the Old Testament prophets. Today we are challenged to walk with Jesus into Jerusalem and  all the traumatic events of Holy Week, and not look away but remain with him.

3rd April 2022 ~ What can I offer by Dave Bookless

When Jesus has done everything for you, needs nothing, and nothing you give will change how much he loves you, what can you offer him? Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus, took her most valuable possession, 1/2 litre of pure (spike)nard, and washed Jesus' feet with it, drying them with her hair. What can we learn about spontaneity, extravagance, generosity, sacrifice, love and worship? And, as we see the different characters around Jesus in this story: feasting, serving, critical, worshipping ... where are we in this story?

27th March 2022 ~ Mother Mary? Mother Earth? Mother God? by Dave Bookless


Mothers Day or, more properly, Mothering Sunday, has developed a life of its own. But behind the commercialism, sentimentality and the painfulness for all for whom motherhood means loss, emptiness or exclusion, what can we learn from this popular day? Dave examines three concepts that relate motherhood to Christian faith: the place of Mary the mother of Jesus, the popularity of the idea of mother earth or mother nature, and the question of whether we can call God mother as well as father.

22nd March 2022 ~ Mental Health By Anne Bookless

Based on a talk given by Bishop Graham Tomlin, Anne looks at mental health. She begins with how it's defined by the World Health Organisation, and then looks at how the bible (Colossians 3:10-17) gives us tools to help be resilient and strong mentally: practising thanksgiving, reflection, sabbath and balancing solitude and community.

13th March 2022 ~ Trusting God By Liz Wolverson

The terrible war in Ukraine and the suffering of its people are breaking hearts across the world. One ruler, setting themselves up in a godlike way, is oppressing millions of people. It was similar in New Testament times, with the Roman Empire crushing opposition. In that context, God challenges us to realise our true citizenship is in heaven and our true Saviour is Jesus, not some dictator or president. We are called to stand firm and trust God in the midst of the troubles we stand in.

6th March 2022 ~ What is a Christian By Dave Bookless

What is a Christian? It's not simply a 'good person' - there are plenty of those who aren't Christian, and sadly Christians who are anything but good! Neither is necessarily somebody born Christian, or a person who attends church. No, a Christian is anybody who invites Jesus

27th February 2022 ~ Transfiguration By Dave Bookless

Jesus' transfiguration is not like a Harry Potter spell! It's isn't become a different creature. Rather it is revealing the truth that was always there but concealed - the insight beyond sight - the spiritual glory shining through material creation. We can also experience signs of transfiguration through nature - God's creation - and through music, poetry and art, as we discern a deeper reality, the truth beyond the surface, hints of what will fully be revealed when Jesus returns and heaven and earth are reunited. This can help us have the bigger picture even when surrounded by terrible and traumatic events.

20th February 2022 ~ God and the Sea By Liz Wolverson

Liz grew up by the sea in Lincolnshire, and starts with memories of the beauty and power of the sea, and the futility of human attempts to control it. Yet, Jesus is able to still the wind and the waves, and he can still calm the storms in our lives and in our world.

13th February 2022 ~ Never be afraid to trust By Liz Wolverson

'Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God', said Corrie Ten Boom, the remarkable Dutch woman who hid Jewish refugees in war-time Netherlands, at huge personal risk. Liz Wolverson takes us back 2,500+ years to when Jeremiah gave similar advice to his fellow Jews, threatened by powerful enemies, and tempted to trust in alliances and armies rather than in God.

2nd February 2022 ~ Send Me! By Liz Wolverson

Liz Wolverson looks at the background to Isaiah's call, with political and social turmoil, and also at how God calls each of us, and invites out response. Will we, like Isaiah and the disciples, respond 'Send me!'?

30th January 2022 ~ The Good Life and the Good Death from Dave Bookless

Death is something that's almost taboo in our western culture, and yet it is vital that we accept it, talk about it, are prepared for it and, most importantly, are prepared to meet our Maker. Today we look at Simeon and Anna, two elderly believers who recognised and welcomed the infant Jesus, and who model a good life and good preparation for death.

23rd January 2022 ~ Where Do You Find God? from Dave Bookless

Psalm 19 speaks of how God speaks eloquently and powerfully through creation, without words, and then how God speaks through the Bible, satisfying our deepest hungers. Nature and Scripture are both essential for a healthy walk with God. Dave Bookless takes us through how we need both and can learn about God's beauty, power, character, love and guidance.

16th January 2022 ~  Jesus’ First Sign from Liz Wolverson


When the wine ran out at a wedding in Cana, it was Jesus’ mother who urged him to intervene.  She knew her son so well, and knew somehow that this was the time for him to publicly show who he was.  In John’s Gospel, this was the first of what are often thought of as seven signs of who Jesus was and is, and Liz takes us through the significance of each.  

9th January 2022 ~ Baptism from Dave Bookless


The start of a new year is a good time to revisit our Baptism promises and look at what it means to us.  Dave, helped by children, looks at how party games including Pass the Parcel and Simon Says give us clues about what Baptism really means!


2nd January 2022 ~ God leads us to look and be full of grace from Liz Wolverson

God leads us to look and be full of grace if we allow him to speak to our inner being. We should learn to dance with God and then be confident about inviting others to join the dance in this new year.