St Marys Church

Good News for Norwood Green

  • Tentelow Lane
  • Norwood Green
  • Southall
  • UB2 4LQ

Online Worship 

3rd January 2021 from Dave Bookless ~ We all need wisdom.  

The Magi, or wise people, who visited Jesus, followed in a long biblical tradition of wisdom, which starts with Worshipping God.

10th January 2021 from Dave Bookless                                                          Jesus didn't have to be baptised, but chose to identify with us in doing so. Today, through Jesus, baptism gives us solidarity with the chaos and suffering of our world, makes us new creations through the gift of the Holy Spirit, and gives us a new identity as God's beloved sons and daughters.

17th January 2021 ~ The call to follow Jesus from Dave Bookless

Who does Jesus call?  Not just adults – God called your Samuel, and not just ‘special’ people but each of us, personally.  The call is, first, to ‘come and see’, to explore and discover, but then to ‘follow me’.  This isn’t like following on social media – it’s a lifetime’s journey with costs, and sacrifices, but the joy of becoming a disciple of Jesus makes it wonderfully worthwhile.